Hydraulic services: care when hiring

A plumbing problem in the house or apartment can cause a big headache. This type of occurrence is usually urgent, but even in the rush to contain a leaky pipe, it is necessary to think carefully when choosing a plumber. The care in choosing qualified and responsible professionals is essential to not fall into swindles from people or companies that want to increase the price of the service unduly. Hydraulic system repair goes beyond just fixing a broken pipe. Solving clogs, detecting leaks correctly and, in some cases, even carrying out inspections are expected actions from a true professional.


The first step when choosing a plumber is to start looking for names with experience. You can do it through referrals, on websites, newspapers or even through word of mouth. One way or another, it is always good to have a recommended professional.


Price should not always be the most important factor when hiring. A lower budget for the service helps in the decision, but in hydraulics, the saying “cheap can be expensive” is very valid. The properly trained professional knows how to justify the amount he is charging, considering the extent of the problem and the quality of the materials involved.


It is important that the resident knows how to identify and distinguish problems of clogging, infiltration and leakage. This prior knowledge contributes to communication with the professional and speeds up the repair. Another detail is having minimal knowledge about the materials used in the hydraulic system of your house or apartment.


Another important action is preventive maintenance. Even when there is no apparent damage to the hydraulic system, it helps to detect potential failures. Periodic maintenance includes inspection, minor repairs, replacement of components, correction of leaks, etc. Identify possible failures that could lead to problems that are more serious in the future.

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A determining factor for hiring hydraulic services is whether the company or professional offers 24-hour service. After all, you cannot have a leaky pipe for several hours until business hours begin. You must carry out preventive maintenance annually to locate and repair problems, under the risk of causing accidents. If you need to do a hydraulic renovation and the installation is very old, replace the iron pipe with PVC, especially if there is already rust in the water. Choose parts from the same manufacturer when buying tubes and fittings. This avoids gaps between parts and poorly made or incompatible fittings. All manufacturers must offer parts guarantees.

Cost and availability

When choosing a company or a professional, look for references. Make sure they keep tools and equipment up-to-date and in good condition. Although it may seem surprising, many plumbers do not have a clear cost structure and tend to prepare budgets on the fly, or even after finishing their services. If the professionals you contact cannot even provide you with an estimated price before starting the job, it means that they are not that professional. Many specialists may have years of experience in 24-hour breakdowns, be the best in their field, offer great value for money and have the time to go and fix your problem.

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