Tips to select the best Shopfitters to improve your retail outlet

It is quite easy to determine refitting your store. However, project implementation is considered to be the toughest part. You need to select the top Shopfitters Liverpool to ensure your project goes smoothly as planned. The retailer is to consider shop fitting companies or shopfitters with proven track record.

Why not builders?

The current pandemic has hit the house market quite badly. Several builders can be found to have become housebulders and shopfitters. However, they will not be able to render the kind of expertise that is desired to plan a great looking store. Also, they will fail to produce standard fixtures to support any busy retail environment. Hence, you need to look for certified Shopfitters Liverpool who can do the job better and much to your satisfaction.

Experienced and knowledgeable

A reliable shopfitter is one who will spend quality time trying to understand your business requirements. It also includes the issues generally faced in such type of businesses and what the end customers seeks. When planning the layout, specific issues are to be taken into consideration. The fact is customer flow is crucial for any successful shop fit. At the same time, planograms, product placement and category management do play a vital role to ensure drawing lots of shoppers to all areas in your store.

The convenience store should exhibit milk and newspapers right before the front door. This will help majority of the ‘busy’ shoppers to avoid ‘roaming’ the store. Rather, they can precisely buy what they are looking for, thus increasing their convenience and comfort. Such plans can be offered by the well-trained Shopfitters Liverpool.

Shelving heights

Gondola bays and walls do play a vital role. Gondola shelving when placed extremely high especially within a small store is likely to create ‘corridors’. This is likely to create an unpleasant and boring shopping environment.


The professional Shopfitters Liverpool will place category management signage above the fixtures. It helps shoppers to get to view the product quickly and also find special offers and promotional items effortlessly. Thus, you can expect the shoppers to buy additional items, something they did not plan for to shop.


A good number of smaller retailers consider adequate lighting to be only an extra expenditure. However, when installed properly, it can make a huge difference to the volume of sales. The right type of lighting does allow the store and the products offered to become ‘alive’ and easily visible to potential customers.

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