My Roof Warranty: What It Is And What It Covers

For longer life protection at home, a homeowner should invest in durable roofing. And with this durable roofing investment, you need to consider the warranty that comes with it. These warranties can also add to the value of your property once you’ve decided to sell it in the future.

A roof warranty is typically divided into two types: one that is issued by the manufacturer and one that is given by the roofer. Each of these warranty has its own terms and coverage. 

Homeowners usually pay attention to the span of the warranty and not the inclusions. It is important that every homeowner should be familiar with these details and in this infographic, everything will be discussed.

The first one is the manufacturer’s material warranty. This only covers manufacturing defects and premature deterioration of materials. This is very popular among consumers as it is always available for free or sometimes at a low fee.

Second one is the full-system warranty. This consists of warranty for both roofing materials and labor defects. This can be compared to NDL warranty or No Dollar Warranty which means that the manufacturer will cover the entire amount or expense of repairing or replacing a defective roof.

Next is workmanship warranty which covers improper handling and installation of roofing materials. This is also called or known as the labor warranty.

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For more information about roof warranties, check out this infographic.


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