Papa Bear Chair in stylish spaces and layouts!

The Papa Bear Chair is another masterpiece that’s been designed by Hans Wegner. Like all of his furniture, it’s got that uniquely playful vibe and is challenging to emulate in most spaces. So, here’s a list of every way that you can uplift different parts of your home with this chair:

  1. In a bedroom


If you’ve got an oversized bedroom that needs a little filling up, then the Papa Bear Chair would be perfect for the job. You could either create a nice little reading or resting nook by placing only one of these chairs in a corner, or you could let a pair of them take center stage. There can be a tiny coffee table in the middle of these chairs, where you can either place some décor or use it for serving snacks when you’re hosting someone in your bedroom.

  1. In a nook


The Papa Bear Chair is perfectly sized to become the star of its very own alcove or nook. So, if you’ve got any empty space within your homes that can be utilized for this purpose, you can set up this chair in there. It doesn’t have to be completely stand-alone. You can always pair it up with smaller accent pieces such as planters, end tables lamps, etc. to get a holistic impact!

  1. Mixing and matching


You can tweak the typical living room layout by using several iconic accent chairs as arm-chairs. Note that all of them should have slightly oversized proportions like the Papa Bear Chair to fit the bill. This way, your statement sofa can shine in its full glory and the mix-and-match of accent chairs can provide a great way to make things visually dynamic and amazing.

  1. A curved layout


The thing about curved layouts is that they are absolutely unique and you must handle them with the utmost care. They usually comprise of a semi-circular sofa, which makes it challenging to feature any other type of furniture. Luckily, the Papa Bear Chair stands out beautifully in the capacity of an accent chair – which is the only kind of furniture that can complement curved layouts. So, placing this chair adjacent to a curved sofa can definitely do the trick. Pro tip: do remember to choose the chair upholstery to contrast with the sofa for maximum visual impact.

  1. In semi-covered areas


A semi-covered terrace, an indoor patio, a solarium, a verandah – if you’ve got any of these in your homes, then you’re in for a treat with this layout idea. Instead of furnishing with typical rattan furniture, you can just place the Papa Bear Chair in a sunny corner of any of these areas and you’ll have an amazing lounging spot. Pair it up with an end table for putting down that mug of tea or coffee. You can even surround the chair with a plethora of planters, and design yourself your very own semi-outdoor haven.

All of these layout ideas are pretty unique, and make the Papa Bear Chair a veritable focal point. We hope they help you design your own home with a unique flair by featuring this chair!

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