Carpet Materials

The carpets have gained significant importance in decorating our homes, being as important as your choice of furniture or any other home decoration.

We must be cautious with the choice of materials, especially if a member of the family nucleus has any allergy or suffers from a respiratory disease such as asthma. As is logical, the lack of maintenance of these contributes enormously to potentiate these diseases. By regularly cleaning and vacuuming our carpets, the risks are greatly minimized.

Carpets are usually made from natural, vegetable, or synthetic fibers check Green Mats. The differences are fundamentally in the durability and the price.

  • Wool: It is the queen of rugs since most are made with this material. They are resistant, warm, and have a great density.
  • Cotton: Cotton has the advantage that it can be dyed to offer a wide range of designs and colors. Although its tendency to wear is more significant than in wool, it does not get moth-eaten, and it is more challenging to get caked.
  • Natural fibers – There can be a great variety of materials:
  • Leather, which makes the mat soft and flexible.
  • Jute, a fiber whose rough appearance contrasts with the softness it provides to the touch. It is perfect for hot climates where you often walk barefoot.
  • The coconut. Carpets can also be made from fibers extracted from coconut shells. They are usually used primarily for doormats. Because of their roughness, they are not very pleasant to walk on, but they are very resistant and durable.
  • Sisal. Rugs of this type have a rustic appearance, ideal for country settings where colors and natural elements stand out. They are very durable.
  • Natural fur such as mink, fox, hare, or cow can also be used.
  • Synthetic fibers – They are acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, or polyester rugs, among other materials. Nylon is very common in carpets because it is very resistant to heat and dirt, making it ideal for traffic areas. Polypropylene is also robust. We see it mainly in carpets used for high traffic such as offices or shops.
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