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Bathroom Renovations in Wollongong | A to Z Building

If you are in the process to renovate your bathroom? If yes, then read the 3 tips in this article to start and finish your renovation smoothly:

1st: Start by looking for some good company or individual to work on your bathroom. This is one area where you do not want to try to save money or you could end up spending way more than you want. There is a lot that can go wrong in a bathroom. You could end up flooding your own place and flood your neighbor’s place as well. This can turn out to be an expensive mistake. If you hire someone inexperienced, they could do a poor job that may fail after a while and you may have to spend more money to fix it. So, play safe by hiring the right person from the beginning.

Go to Google and type: “bathroom renovations Wollongong”. You will see a list of bathroom fitters. Read their reviews and hire the one who has good reviews and also offers you a good deal.

2nd : Then start working on your paperwork. Have your bath fitter give you a copy of their business license and insurance coverage. This way if they make a mistake you know their insurance will cover the damages.  Next, file for permissions with your HOA if you have one and with the city office. That is it. This is all the paperwork you need to start renovating your bathroom.

3rd : Finally, it is time to buy your bath fittings and get them installed. Check out the local stores for bath fittings. Make a list of all the items you like. Then try to find them online if you can. Very often you can save 10-15% by shopping online. If you cannot find those items online then you can look for something similar or buy from the local store. If you want to buy the bath fittings on credit, then buying locally will help. You can then go to your neighbourhood store and have them give you the bath fittings on easy payment plans.

That is it. Once you take care of these 3 steps, you are ready to start your bathroom renovation.

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