Choosing the Perfect Wood Stain Color

If a person is looking to change the color of wooden floors, cabinets, or other items there are many different shades of stain to choose from. Wood stain shades are now able to come in many different colors. There are some tips for picking the perfect wood stain shades.


Some paints are oil-based. While they may look nice they have toxic compounds and a strong smell. Water-based stains can have the same look and they are made with volatile organic compounds. This allows them to be environmentally friendly. They do not have toxic effects on the ozone and are better for the air in the home.

If there are children or pets in the home it is important to find a stain that non-toxic. Stains should be low in VOC and are free of harmful vapors.


A person should look for appealing colors. There are some traditional colors and there are some bold colors. It matters where a person likes. There are dark and light finishes. There are some natural colors as well. A person needs to think about the look they want and what finish will be best. They may want to get a sample of the colors to see how it looks before making a final selection.


This is something else that needs to be considered. There are light covers that will allow the wood to get the attention. There is dark coverage that will completely cover the wood. This will help a person decide if they want a solid stain or if they would rather have something that can be transparent.


If the wooden item is located inside or outside this will play a big role in the color of the stain. Outside wood such as fences will see plenty of sunlight. Cabinets that are inside will see light from other lighting sources. The stain color is going to be affected by how much light and the type of light to hit it. Be sure to keep this in mind when shopping for a wood stain color.

Types of Wood

The type of wood will have a big impact on the stain needed and the color of the stain. If the wood is rough it will have a different color then wood that is smooth. The grain of the wood will affect the coverage and the look of the stain. This is why it is important to research the color and then the stain type to make sure it will work on that particular type of wood.

Easy to Use and Clean

When a person is purchasing stain they should look at how long it will take the paint to dry. Some stains will take hours to dry while other types of pain will be dry within 30 minutes. This will also depend on where the stain is being applied and whether it is being used indoors or outdoors. They should also look at the stain and what they are going to need to do to clean it. If a person is looking for simple cleaning they should look for a stain that can be wiped down with soap and water. This will make things easier for them if the pain needs to be wiped down.

These are some things that a person should consider when they are looking for the perfect shade of wood stain. This will help them get the color and the coverage preferences that they are looking for.

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