Contemporary Decor for Indian Weddings

It is all about the apparel, jewellery and food within an Indian wedding. And, obviously, the adornments! They occupy just as much importance as anything else within an Indian wedding. Wedding decor creates the atmosphere for celebrations. With weddings in India containing a range of rituals and events, adornments set apart one from another.

Regardless of whether it’s a style based weddings or otherwise, decor is an essential part of weddings. They get the most attention from people and make eternal impressions. For decors, the attention of detail may be the type in creating splendid wedding environments. Stunning decors include a touch of sophistication towards the photographs and function alluring backdrops.

Traditional decors were limited in designs and elegance. However, with increasingly more wedding couples choosing modern style weddings, the options for decors have grown to be unlimited. Today, sky’s the limit with regards to selecting decors for Indian weddings! Make use of your vivid imaginations and inspirations to produce decors which will set the wedding in addition to the rest. Let’s explore a number of latest decor trends that’s doing models in Indian weddings.

Mandap or even the center stage

The center stage is an essential facet of any decor. It garners maximum attention in the visitors because this is the area the wedding couple are limited to for many area of the marriage ceremony. For just about any center stage, you have to pick the colours wisely. If you have a marriage theme, keep to the colours relating towards the theme. Alternatively, you may choose colours which will boost the photos. Generally, shades of gold, copper and red look wonderful on any center stage. Getting simple minimalistic adornments could work. Add eye-grabbing props and match the setting using the carpet, seating or other additional decor pieces you set.


Are you able to imagine an Indian wedding without flowers? Obviously, not! Flowers are regarded as auspicious and therefore really are a must-have decor in almost any wedding. They give a flair towards the contemporary decor. They assist bring the artistic side in your soul. You will find countless ways in that can be used flowers to embellish the hall. Traditional garlands, flower vases, centerpieces, flowers could be incorporated by any means you would like. White-colored, red, pink and yellow shades are most preferred for any wedding. However, you should use lavender, crimson or related shades to stick out within the crowd.


Greet coloured lighting this wedding season. Lightings are a fundamental element of Indian weddings. They brighten and highlight the center stage. They’re essential-have decor for just about any wedding. Fairy lights, thorans, coloured lights, lanterns, lamps – the potential of decorating your hall with lighting is unlimited. To include a modern day touch, use paper lanterns, add lamps towards the guest sitting area or glow-in-the-dark lights for that reception.

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