Do You Want to Know How to Polish Natural Stone?

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For any kind of home, stone flooring can always add beauty and value. Stone being a natural product will need less maintenance as compared to many other kinds of flooring. However, you will need a good-quality polishing machine to offer a shiny and glossy finish to your natural stone floor.

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The following are the steps involved during cleaning of natural stone: 20

1. Pre-inspection

To start with you must check the present condition of your stone to decide which type of polishing machine will be appropriate to get the required finish.

2. Area preparation

While carrying out polishing, it can generate lots of dust and hence you need to cover the areas and furniture properly to avoid exposure to dust.

3. Cleaning

Depending upon the type of floor, you have to make the necessary arrangement for proper cleaning of your floor.

4. Diamond grinding

All diamond grinding can be performed along with water to contain dust particles. The kind of surface will determine the desired sheen of the surface.

5. Honing

In few cases, polished granite, marble, or limestone is mechanically honed for removing any pre-existing surface polish.

6. Polishing

For producing a high gloss shine, your stone needs mechanical finishing. Very light etches, scratches, and scuffs are removed by the polishing process.

7. Sealing

Based on the sealer you have chosen you may use a sealer for protecting your stones.

8. Post-inspection

Finally, the stone surface will be inspected and any shortcomings are noticed that must be addressed.

Natural stone floors can always be a major home investment, which can last for more than decades if you take proper care and do regular maintenance.

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