Door locks were invented to protect you and your belongings 

Door locks were invented just to make sure that the homes and offices are protected and ensured. However, the door locks have now become obsolete, and they no more protect the house. So, all your equipment and important accessories would be prone to dangers. The thieves and burglars have now understood how the houses are unlocked as the houses are equipped with conventional and simple door locks.

Go digital and live life hassle-free

Nowadays, the time is for Digital door [ประตู digital, which is the term in Thai] locks. The digital door locks are being manufactured by exceptional companies in order to get a great response. The burglars would not even get a single chance to break into the apartment, the house or the office. They would simply have the tools and tricks to unlock and get into the house really easily.

So, now, with the advent of the digital locks, it has become a lot more convenient to protect the house solidly. The houses will be protected because the Digital door lock [ประตู digital door lock, which is the term in Thai] would only open through a pattern that has been set by you.

Trust Unicor

The smart lock is produced by Unicor, which is one of the best company for producing high-quality smart locks. Unicor is a huge company in Thailand that is working in the field for quite a few years now. It knows how to make customers happy and satisfied.

The company Unicor looks forward to providing excellent service. The after-sales service is always top notch, and thus, Unicor has been able to build a huge clientele that stays loyal to the company. 

You can choose around 6 methods through which you can lock and unlock the door. Also, you can use your mobile phone to lock and unlock. So, now there is no need for any key.

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