Follow These Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Windows Looking New and Functional

If you are currently renovating your home, getting vinyl replacement windows is a great choice. Vinyl is packed with benefits. It remains energy-efficient and durable for decades. When it comes to life expectancy, it stands in paw with its competitors, sometimes even better. The myriad of design options available makes it possible to choose one to suit any room style.

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How to ensure longevity of vinyl windows?

Any windows require frequent maintenance so that it remains functional in the long run. Follow these maintenance tips to make sure they appear new and stand strong for years.

Demonstrate your family the right way to use the windows: One of the common reasons for damage is improper usage. Learn how to operate your windows and explain it to your family members.

Glass panes: Dab a gentle cloth with glass cleaner and remove moisture regularly. Moisture build-up gives a cloudy appearance.

Vinyl frames:

  • Interior vinyl frames: Prevent discoloration by cleaning the frame of the window. A dusty frame dulls the overall look. Soak a gentle cloth in a diluted soapy solution to wipe away the dust and debris.
  • Exterior vinyl frames: Once in a while pay attention to the vinyl frame exterior. Avoid using harsh abrasive, acidic solvents and acid cleaners to clean.

Lubricate: Over time vinyl windows may be hard to slide open and shut. Lubricate the moving parts and hinges to eliminate this problem. Remember to wipe away all dust before lubricating. Avoid citrus cleaners, abrasive solutions, vinegar or ammonia.

Vinyl windows involve easy installation. They are an investment and revamp the look of your home. All it needs is minimal maintenance.

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