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porta potty rental PA is necessary when you are holding an outdoor party during the summer. You would want a place where your visitors can freshen up and relieve themselves. This way, you can avoid unnecessary trips to your personal bathrooms but still remain hospitable to your guests. However, porta potties can be quite challenging to ventilate during hot summers. There are ways for you to keep it from stinking up.

Place it in a cool area

Placing your porta potty rental PA away from direct sunlight can do wonders with managing odors. In general, when your porta potties are in a place that is too hot, it tends to stink up quickly. Placing it in a naturally cooler site with plenty of trees and shade can lessen the possibilities of bad odors from the porta potty taking over your event.

Invest in air-conditioned units

There are porta potty rental PA units that come with air conditioning. These may cost more money but if you are holding a summer outdoor wedding, for example, you cannot run the risk of a stinky porta potty from ruining the ambiance. If the porta potty you are renting comes with an air conditioning module, this would not happen. You will also keep your guests comfortable while they freshen up during the wedding.

Place it where there is air flow

While most porta potties come with their own exhaust fans, this won’t work unless there is air outside the unit to operate with. Make sure you place your porta potty rental PA in a place that receives a generous amount of air flow. It’s easier for your porta potty to be ventilated and odorless when it is airy outside, to begin with.

Find ways to keep it clean

You might want to keep a sanitation box for your guests and a little cleaning basket for whoever is in charge of keeping the porta potty clean. Most porta potty rental PA companies offer to add on services like stewards who can make sure that the porta potty you rented is kept sanitized during the event. They can also make sure that the chemicals in your porta potty is enough to manage the waste that has been accumulated. While these measure may cost you money, it will keep your portable toilets from being sources of bad odors during the event. It’s a worthy investment if it means your guests won’t remember your event just because your toilet stank to high heavens.

Disinfect generously

If you can purchase disinfectants, do so. The bluer they are, the better in most cases. Bacteria produces bad odors and if you want to keep your porta potty clean, don’t skip this step.

Fresh strips

You can even go the extra mile and purchase fresh strips. This won’t do much in terms of keeping your porta potty immaculate, but at least it will keep mild odors at bay while the attendant is unable to clean your porta potty for whatever reason. It’s still best to keep it very clean during your event to prevent odors.

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