How to Protect My House during Renovations

Finally, the awaited renovation day is here. You cannot wait to see how your house will look like after the remodel. However, with your hands filled with planning and supervising the project, you can slack off on security. During the renovation, a house is vulnerable to damage due to incomplete structures and heavy machinery. The dust from the demolitions ruins your furniture and floors. Also, robbery incidents are rampant in construction sites. So how do you protect your house during renovations? Read on for useful tips that will protect your property.

How to Protect Against Theft

With strangers going in and out of your house, there is a high chance of burglary. Therefore, you need to take precautions to protect your family from theft. Here are some ways to prevent a robbery in the construction site:

• Hire a credible contractor: You do not have to do a background check but ask around if previous clients would recommend the contractor. You should also ask about the credentials of the people working for the contractor. Are they trustworthy?
• Use a safe: You can find a storage unit to keep your expensive furniture and electronics. If the renovation involves demolition of walls, your property is exposed to many risks. You may have a safe for small items. However, thieves can easily steal the whole safe.
• Upgrade your security systems: Tearing walls can affect your home security system. If it is not working, consider installing motion sensors, security cameras, and a video surveillance system. You should consider employing a guard to protect against intruders

How to deal with dust

Dust will not only ruin your property, but it also poses a health risk. Children need to stay away from the construction site. During the renovation, you can seal off the work area by closing all the doors or use plastic sheets on the doorways to keep the dust away. Cover your air conditioning systems to prevent dust from getting into the house when the conditioner is on.

You should also cover any furniture with clean covers to protect it from dust. You can also protect your floors from dust. Carpet protection should prevent dust and water from ruining the floors. The covering should be firm and puncture-resistant. Extra protection is recommended for pathways. Visit Florprotec to view more floor protection options.

How to Avoid Fire Incidents

Remodelling projects usually entail handling electricity. Therefore, the house is susceptible to fire breakouts. An electrical fire can put the whole building to the ground. However, if you take precautions, you will be prepared to handle any unforeseen situations. Before beginning your renovation plans, make sure you have an insurance cover. Even with an insurance cover, you should still protect the house from fire damage. Install fire alarms and heat sensors throughout the building. You should also have fire extinguishers in the site. They will come in handy in case of a fire breakout. Ensure the construction workers collect any flammable materials at the end of the workday. After the renovation, install a permanent alarm system in the house.

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