Kitchen Caution For Your Kids

According to a study by Safe Kids Worldwide, 3.5 million children are hospitalized every year due to injuries that they get from their own homes. We all know the kitchen is not a playground, but sometimes our kids’ curiosity gets the best of us. Here are the best tips you can do for your kitchen to make it safe for your kidsĀ 

  • Keep your knives and other sharp utensils in the upper cabinets. Kids and even toddlers can open those cupboards, so make sure that there are no harmful objects within reach.
  • Make sure that the kitchen floor is clean and dry. Mop any water leaks or food crumbs to avoid slipping.
  • Put away electrical appliances after use. Pay attention to your kitchen’s network and invest in outlet covers to prevent your kids from sticking in their fingers.
  • Install safety locks especially if your upper cabinets don’t have enough room.
  • Educate your children. Communicating with your kids is still one of the most effective ways to teach them kitchen precautions.

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