The best of Polished Plastering for You

The application technology polished plastering opens the master with the broadest horizons and opportunities for creativity. The application technique can be completely different – it can be both slow and even strokes, and abrupt, reminiscent in shape of butterfly wings. It depends on the chosen technique which pattern will be on the decorating surface of the interior.

Thanks to modern materials that are part of the Polished plaster and advanced methods, the coating adds an original texture and many appearance options.

The manufacturers supply decorative coatings to the market for finishing materials with artificial and natural components to create a unique composition of Polished plaster that imitates a marble pattern.

To finish the wall surface, such materials need to have a certain skill. As a rule, plaster is applied in three layers, but in some cases it can be applied in four layers. As you contact experienced companies like Evoke Polished plastering, you get to know more info about the same.

Production of Polished plaster

Due to the high transparency of the layers, it acquires a deep effect similar to marble. Polished plaster in the interior of the room contributes to the creation of an individual image using a variety of colors.

Following the old recipe for the production of decorative materials, including the Polished, manufacturers managed to achieve the following qualities: strength, practicality and durability.

The composition of polished plaster includes mineral components that allow you to achieve the same effect and imitation under blocks of marble due to rustication of the surface. As an additional decor, you can use special wax and other composition.

Methods for applying plaster

First you need to thoroughly clean and rid the surface of dust, after which you can already begin to apply the primer. The layer is applied using a roller. There should be two layers of soil, with the first layer being diluted by 15-20% with water, and the second by 20-30.

After dilution, the plaster should be applied with a stainless trowel. It is highly recommended not to apply decorative material in the open sun. The plaster is applied to the prepared uniform surface.

The first layers should be applied to the sir evenly distributed over the entire surface of the wall. After it has completely dried, a second layer is applied according to the same scheme. To do this, a small amount of material is taken on the trowel and applied with force to the surface.

The Polished plaster can be applied in several ways, it all depends on your desire. Three to six layers of decorative material are sufficient to give depth and transparency to the coating. Moreover, each layer should be translucent and equal to a thickness of about 1 millimeter.


The tone of the future pattern depends on the first layer. It is applied to the entire area of ​​the wall using a rectangular stainless steel spatula. The layer should be dense and even. After 8 hours, remove all irregularities with fine sandpaper.

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