Things to Consider Before Buying a Carpet.

4 Tips to Consider Before Buying New Carpets - Big Easy Magazine

Looking for carpets can be a tiresome job because it is every homeowner’s vision to source the best materials for their home, but it can be made easier by considering several factors that interior decorators advise, like density, colors, material, padding, installation, warranties, etc. let’s dive in and discuss them in detail; 

  • Carpet Density: The thicker and heavier a carpet is, the denser it is and less susceptible to crushing and piling. Upon bending a carpet backward if the backing is seen easily then it is a low-density carpet.
  • Carpet Piles: In the world of carpets, the word pile determines the yarn used for weaving the carpet. It’s advisable to hold the sample and see the detailing before making a purchase. Deeper carpet piles offer a luxurious plush feel while shorter piles are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Carpet Colors: Colors have tremendous power to alter moods. Color schemes of the room need to be kept in mind before purchasing the carpet. Take some samples home before  purchasing to see how well the color sits with your indoor décor and color schemes.  
  • Carpet Warranties: check the warranties provided by the service provider because some carpets come with a 10 years warranty while some offer 5 years. The usual warranty for carpets covers the tear and color factor and our definition of tear varies from the provider’s definition. So it’s better to explore all options before making the final decision.
  • Carpet Maintenance:  Most homeowners don’t consider replacing carpets quite often. Stain-resistant and textured carpets can be installed for high traffic areas. For this, the customers need to thoroughly research the care instructions. These results can be achieved by vacuuming them thrice a week and professional care should also be sought once a year but again tough abrasions should be avoided. 
  • Carpet Padding: Padding is used to provide maximum support beneath the carpets and also for soundproofing, insulation, and providing support. For insulation and soundproofing purposes thicker padding is recommended. Carpets that are properly padded tend to last longer.

  • Considering Carpet Prices:  Carpets vary in prices too, with options available to suit every budget. But certain factors need to be considered like stain-resistant carpets are suitable for high traffic areas but they tend to be on the pricier side. A tiled carpet is another example that is suitable for homes with pets and infants. Instead of removing the whole carpet, the affected area can easily be replaced thus not overburdening the pocket.
  • Organic Carpet Options: Most users prefer the sustainable option and decide to go green while choosing upholstery and shun the traditional options of synthetic ones and opt for organic ones like wool and jute etc.

Conclusion: Now that we have shed enough light on helping you choose the right carpets, we hope that your carpet shopping will be a pleasant experience resulting in a purchase that you will cherish for a long time.

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