What Are The Buying Processes Of Malta Property?

The RE/MAX Malta Academy was set up in 2011 when the company realized that there was further need to enhance its educational program. This company is providing a fully comprehensive real estate service to the general public and residents of Malta.

This company is operating in a strategic manner where their associates specialize in their niche markets. This way, these associates may focus their full time and energy on their specific markets and can stay in touch with the dynamic changes can occur in a buyers’ or sellers’ market. There are the following processes of Malta property:

  • Income Tax / Tax on Capital Gains

The good news regarding real estate in Malta does not impose wealth or property taxes, adding one more important advantage to buying in Malta property which at the time of preparation of this document this regime was structured as follows:

  • Renting Out

In cases where income is derived from activity generated directly through the employment of the immovable Malta property itself. If the property is rented out resulting in revenue being generated through this activity then this revenue will be becoming subject to taxes which as foreign nationals will be subject to a very favourable flat rate of 15%.

  • Selling:

The tax structure set out for this eventuality although simple to follow is detailed to explain and does not fall within the scope of this document. You will be found at the end of this link for a full explanation of this structure.

Benefits of Buying Property in Malta

  • Resale of property is allowed Repatriation of full resale price, including profits after taxes that is allowed without complications. These are used for a comprehensive explanation of the tax structure please refer to the link.
  • Mortgages are obtainable for property purchases by non-residents or non-Maltese citizens residing in the islands. Once permission is granted by the Central Bank of Malta, you can be borrowed as much as you are wishing from the local banks within the established commercial conditions. You are renting out your property to third parties (some limitations do apply).
  • In summary, Citizens of an EU Member State is enjoying the benefit that they can buy their first property in Malta without restriction. Permits are not required in most cases and when they are they are easily issued to all bonafide purchasers without any major requirements.
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