Why you should replace carpet flooring

Carpets will eventually need to be replaced, no matter how good they are. When you notice stains, mats, or a bad smell that won’t go away, you should start thinking about carpet replacement. Carpet is not only comfortable on your feet, but also comes in a variety of colors to complement your interior design. Below is a list of 6 reasons you should replace your old carpet.

1. You don’t like the color or pattern

You can choose a variety of carpet colors from Leeds Flooring to match your home’s interior design at a flooring store. You have the chance to install new carpet if you don’t like the color of the carpet installed by the previous owners. Some colors become out of style over time, making your home look dated. The great thing about carpet is that it comes in many colors. As opposed to hardwood flooring, you can choose any color you like.

2. Your carpet flooring needs to be replaced

Generally, your carpet should last for five to fifteen years at your home. The life of your carpet depends on several factors, including its quality, padding, and location. The carpet in a bedroom, for instance, is more likely to last longer because it gets less foot traffic than carpet in a hallway or entryway.

3. You’re hiding stains with furniture

How many times have you moved furniture to cover stains? The time has come to consider carpet replacement if your floor has more than a few noticeable stains. It’s important to treat carpet stains as soon as possible if you have carpet flooring. You are increasing the likelihood of liquids seeping into carpet fibers and staining the padding underneath the carpet the longer you wait.

4. There are mats in paths of high foot traffic

Carpet can become matted as a result of heavy furniture and foot traffic. Your couch’s legs, for example, may have already left a mark on the carpet in your living room. You can remove some impressions with a carpet rake or professional cleaning, but others will leave permanent dents in your floor. Your carpet is matted along the paths you and your family walk every day if you move all the furniture out.

5. Your carpet smell mold or pet odors

Is your carpet smelling bad? A bad odor may indicate mold or pet stains beneath the carpet. You will have to contact your local carpet company if deep cleaning does not eliminate the smell.

6. Mildew and mold are present

Mold grows best in dark, moist places, such as your basement carpet. If your basement has recently flooded, whether you can keep carpet will depend on how much damage it has sustained. You may need to replace wet padding under the carpet.

Depending on the type of water that flooded your home, you may be able to salvage your carpet. A sewage backup is nothing like fresh water from the sink. It will be necessary to install new carpet in a basement that has been flooded with contaminated water.

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