6 Things to Include in the Redevelopment Site Plan

When you are redeveloping the property, you must have a site plan as it will guide you on where everything needs to go. That is why you will find most redevelopers investing money and time in site analysis, as they know it is vital in every building. Elements such as vegetation, weather, culture, and topography can influence the design of a building and even the building components. When redeveloping the property, here are a few things to include in the site plan. 

Property Lines

One of the critical things to include in your site plan is the property line. Even with the most beautiful and innovative design, you must ensure you are not infringing on anyone’s property. Steven Taylor LA  warns that if you encroach on someone’s land, you will spend more money and time on drawing and surveys. And if the neighbors are not that understanding, you may be looking at a lawsuit on your desk. 


Parking is essential, especially for commercial properties or densely populated residential areas. Therefore, there needs to be a lot of research, thought, and time put into determining enough parking space. So, ensure in the site plan, you include parking diagrams with dimensions. Also, include traffic flow, handicapped accessibility, and signage. 

The Current and Proposed Conditions

In order for the plan reviewers and city officials to get a clear picture of your design, you will have to present the current conditions and the proposed ones. Therefore, state the condition of the property you want to redevelop. This helps to show how the site will impact the design. As suggested by Steven Taylor Los Angeles, ensure there are inspectors present throughout the process to avoid any legal issues later. 

Surrounding Streets 

It is crucial to understand how traffic flows around your site. Outlining the surrounding streets, whether they are dead ends, avenues, or main arteries, will make it easy to illustrate the effect your design will have on traffic. It also offers context for the property. In most cases, the officials reviewing your plans know that area well. When you add the names of the surrounding streets, it makes it easier for them to understand your design and assess whether it is suitable for that area. 

Landscaped Areas

As much as most of the time, people focus on landscaping because of aesthetics. It is also essential for the protection of the environment. Cutting off trees may seem like a quick solution, but most of the time, it is not ideal. In today’s age of sustainability, it is crucial to minimize site impact. So ensure that in your site plan, you include the current and proposed landscaping upgrades.


There are certain code requirements influencing the design of access to the site. This includes the width of the driveway and the cut dimension of the curb. Ensure you are aware of such regulations and have them in the site plan. 

When coming up with a redevelopment site plan, think of it as narrating the property’s story. And for a plan reviewer to comprehend the design, they need the whole story. That means do not leave any room for assumptions.

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