Factors To Consider While Choosing Heavy Duty Shelving Solution

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Warehouse efficiency and productivity are hampered because of the disorganization of the layout. Overstocked inventory can slow the operations because goods are left on loading docks or aisles or inappropriate places. Therefore, there is a need for the right shelving and racking system to keep the facility well-organized.

Storage Center offers vast heavy duty shelving solutions in Singapore. The solutions are easy to install and flexible. The quality of the heavy-duty shelves is premium and can last long even if you use them to store bulky or heavy items. 

Factors to consider while choosing heavy-duty shelves

Load capacity 

A crucial factor defines the weight capabilities of every shelf without collapsing. The collapse usually occurs in the center for shelves with long width. Remember, longer the width, the less weight every shelf can handle.

Item size, heaviness, and total weight

Consider the size, weight, and the number of items you will store on every shelf. It will help to identify the width of the shelf, which is crucial as you will store heavy items. Even smaller weight when multiplied with many goods can add up rapidly. 

Shelving’s weight handling capacity

If each shelf loads drum of 2000 pounds and there are six shelves then the total weight is 12,000 pounds. You will also need to add the shelving system’s weight assuming it to be another 400 pounds. So, will the vertical post handle 12,400 pounds? However, heavy-duty shelves are designed to handle bulk loads but it is sensible to double-check if the vertical posts are competent or not.

Corrosion capabilities

If you store caustic or corrosive liquids like acid, fuels, solvents, and paints then there can be concerns because the container can develop a leak. Leaking chemicals can damage the shelves and make them collapse. Look for material that can handle chemicals and the working environment. 

Height spacing

You can determine spacing from the floor to the ceiling. Ensure that the good you plan to store has room above for easy pickup.

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